Texas Songwriter and Musician - Folk Music by Ketch Kennedy

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  • Texas Songwriter Ketch Kennedy

    Live The Life I Sing About

    Ketch Kennedy has been a musician all his life, has ventured into various enterprises in various locations all over the world. The music, stories and poems come from the life he has led.

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About Ketch Kennedy

You'll get to know Ketch through various stories. Throughout his life Ketch earned his living in many different ways. He shined shoes; delivered papers; and was a professional engineer in the oil, gas and alternative energy industry to name a few.

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The Stories of Ketch

The songs and stories span various places and times, each with its own sensory recollections, along with some incredibly fascinating friends and acquaintances. Early on, Ketch decided to "live the life that I sing about". Sometimes, the fact that a song or story would evolve from a specific experience made it easier to bear; other times it enhanced an already fabulous experience. Some were lost in an alcoholic blur, while others were invigorated by a boost from John Barleycorn.

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The music has evolved and revolved over time. No one would have expected Ketch to be writing songs, since he was a drummer who couldn't sing. But he and his college housemate, Ron Waters (see Stories), decided to learn to play guitar. Ketch learned, Ron didn't. Almost all professional musicians pick up another instrument or more, just because they are there--all the time. Since nobody wanted to hear him sing, he wrote his own songs to make it interesting. They started out really bad, but like most endeavors, they grew over time.

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